Maryland Bird Removal

Though trees are the ideal home for birds, your attic can also prove to be quite attractive. Chimneys and other high entry points can also provide shelter for various Maryland bird species. There are several birds you might encounter, including pigeons, woodpeckers, starlings, and sparrows, to name a few. 

If you have birds in your home in Annapolis, Baltimore, Sudlersville, and Columbia, or in any of our other service areas, reach out to us for help with our Maryland bird removal services.

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How We Handle Your Bird Removal

Our Maryland bird removal services include several steps to ensure quality results. At K.P. Wildlife, we pay special attention to every detail and handle your bird removal as follows:

  • Inspection — We inspect your home to find all the places where birds are nesting and/or entering the house
  • Exclusion — We remove birds from the house, use cage traps, and create special outlets that do not allow re-entry
  • Fortification — Our bird removal specialists fortify your home against future bird infestations
  • Cleaning and disinfecting — We clean and disinfect the attic or damaged area
  • Repairs — We repair all damage caused by the birds, bringing the space back to normal

Excellent Customer Reviews

Alex W. says:

“I strongly believe in recognizing people and businesses when they are outstanding in their line of work and have a caring nature. When I come across someone who goes above and beyond my expectations, I share this with as many people as possible. I found this working with Kevin Porter/KP Wildlife Control.

I have had ongoing bat sightings in my basement. After not being able to capture the last one I called KP Wildlife Control the next day to set an appointment. Mr. Porter came and looked over my home from basement to attic both inside and outside. He came up with a plan, a fair price, and a timeline.

He sealed my home’s exterior, set up the attic and addressed some other problems that were not a part of the arrangement. His work was very detailed and thorough. One evening, he even rushed over to capture a bat I spotted in my basement, at no additional charge. 

My final bill for his services was more than fair and even included additional unexpected savings. I am extremely pleased and haven’t had a bat sighting since. Thank you, Mr. Porter.”

Bird Removal in Your Attic

Birds in your attic or chimney? We take care of it

When you notice birds in your attic, contact our Maryland bird removal experts at K.P. Wildlife. We set up an exclusion system that forces birds out of the attic without allowing them back in. We also clean and repair the space once the birds are gone. 

Because birds are skittish, you should not try to trap them on your own. Allow us to create a custom exclusion plan for your home that reduces damage and humanely relocates the birds. Feel free to call us to speak with a Maryland bird removal specialist.

Bird Removal in Your Chimney

Get birds out of your chimney before starting a fire

When birds get into your chimney, it is especially dangerous to use your fireplace. Birds could build nests in the chimney, fly down through the vent cover, and into the house. We install specialized chimney caps, exit cones that prevent the birds from re-entering, and clear out the chimney as needed. Speak to a Maryland bird removal specialist at K.P. Wildlife for assistance with this complex service.

Bird Removal on Your Roof

We don’t let birds linger around your home

Birds sometimes build their nests on ledges and beams around your home, and we prevent that by making these parts of your home uninhabitable. We recommend using bird barriers including spikes, netting, and shock tracks. No matter the scope of the problem, our Maryland bird removal specialists have the tools and expertise you need.  

Bird Removal in Your Dryer Vent

Birds in your dryer vent can cause serious damage

If you have a dryer, you also have a dryer vent that releases hot air and moisture outside the house. While the vent is a necessary part of your home, birds can build their nests in there and cause problems.

A bird’s nest in your dryer vent is dangerous for several reasons. First, the nest could clog the vent and create a fire hazard. Second, birds carry diseases, and if any of those parasites or bacteria get into your home, you or your family could contract serious illnesses. If you open your dryer door, you may hear chirping coming from the vent. If so, contact our Maryland bird removal specialists right away. 

What About Your Bathroom Vent?

Just as birds will make their way into your dryer vents, they also build their nests in bathroom exhaust vents. You’ll likely notice the same chirping sound in the bathroom if birds are nesting up there.

Signs of a Bird Infestation

We encourage anyone in Maryland to reach out to our bird removal specialists at K.P. Wildlife when you notice the signs of a bird infestation. If you are extremely diligent, we might catch the problem before it gets out of control.

Common signs of a bird infestation include:

  • Birds congregating around your home
  • Bird droppings inside the attic
  • Damage to your property, including the shingles, chimney, or siding 
  • You find nests on the house or closeby
  • Noises coming from the attic, walls, or chimney

Before and After Sealing Home Shutters

unsealed home shutter
Home shutters before they were sealed off from bird infestation.

Home Shutters After Bird Infestation Seal

Bird Removal Services for Maryland Residents

In Maryland, there are three common birds species we find nesting in local homes:

Pigeons — Pigeons often find their way inside residential homes. They like to roost on ledges, beams, sills, attics, A/C units, etc. However, they can roost anywhere.

Woodpeckers — While we may not see them as much as pigeons, woodpeckers can be extremely destructive. As is implied in their names, woodpeckers like to peck wood. It’s fine when they’re pecking trees, but can be very dangerous when they’re pecking at structural components of your home.

Starlings and Sparrows — Both starlings and sparrows like to build their nests in local homes. They’re small and can fit through even the tiniest of holes. Generally, they enter through the roof and into the attic.

We also offer:

Call us at 443.282.5035 or contact us online to schedule a bird removal inspection and estimate with a member of our animal removal team.

Bird Removal FAQs

At K.P. Wildlife, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible when you require our bird removal services. We offer a range of options for every homeowner, and these frequently asked questions should shed some light on the process.

Do exterminators get rid of birds?

While we love and respect our brethren in the extermination business, they are not always wildlife control specialists. At K.P. Wildlife, we only deal with wildlife infestations instead of common household pests. 

How much does bird removal cost?

Bird removal pricing varies depending on the amount of exclusion required. 

Does Animal Control remove birds?

Municipal Animal Control services generally do not remove birds because they do not pose a rabies risk.