Our Process

Here at K.P. Wildlife, we have been providing our animal removal services to Maryland for years with hundreds of happy customers.

Inspection and Identification

The very first thing we need to do is figure out what kind of animal we’re dealing with. If you already know what kind of animal you have in your home then that makes things easier, but oftentimes homeowners don’t know what kind of animal they have, and instead only know where the scratching is coming from.

During our inspection, which usually takes between 1 and 1.5 hours, there are a number of things we will be looking for. We’ll be checking all over your whole house, from the bottom of your basement to the top of your attic, for scratches, droppings, and anything that shows signs of animals.

Capturing the Animal

We believe that every animal has the right to live its life, and for that reason we opt for catch and release practices, where the animal is left unharmed and can live out the remainder of its days in nature. We have a number of traps at our disposal, and have traps tailored to fit each specific animal. It usually takes between 2 to 7 days for the traps to capture the animals. Once the animal has been caught, we will take it and release it somewhere far away where it can’t get into anymore trouble. While it is not the preferred method, in some cases the use of lethal traps may be necessary.

Installation of Exclusionary Equipment and Repairs

Once the animal has been removed, you may think that our job is over, but there’s still more work that needs to be done. The first thing that we will do is look for any damages that the animal may have done to your home. They could have chewed up wires, torn insulation, and caused just general damages to your home. It’s very important that these damages are inspected and repaired, or else you could have more problems down the line.

Once all the repairs we can make are made, we’ll need to install our exclusionary equipment. This is a crucial step, unless you want to have to call us back out next month. We’ll look your whole place over, looking for even the smallest holes that animals could use to get in. Then we’ll either cover the hole up, or we’ll install some of our exclusionary equipment that prevents animals from coming in. We back our exclusionary practices with a 1 year warranty, guaranteeing our work.  Our clients know that during the warranty period they will not have to worry about the issue we have resolved.