3 Ways Squirrels Are Getting Into Your Home

Squirrels are some of nature’s most mischievous little critters, and while sometimes they can be delightful to watch, you don’t want them in your home. Usually a squirrel would want nothing to do with you or your home, but as more and more natural habitats are being destroyed, many squirrels are seeking shelter in people’s homes. But how exactly do squirrels get into your home?

Here at K.P. Wildlife we provide squirrel removal services to Bowie, Laurel, Kent Island, Annapolis, Baltimore, and many other areas of Maryland. We’ve learned a bit over our years and wanted to share just a little bit of what we’ve learned.

Through Your Roof Vents

Very rarely will you find a squirrel in the main section of your home, instead most squirrels opt to reside in your attic. The attic is a perfect place for them to make a nest, but in doing so they will rip through your home’s insulation and wiring.

The quickest way into the attic for a squirrel is through your roof vents. You need these vents to help facilitate air flow and keep your home cool, but they also provide a perfect access point for squirrels and other animals. The holes may not look very big but squirrels can squeeze through even the smallest of holes. Luckily there are several different exclusionary techniques that can prevent them from doing so.

Down the Chimney

Santa may not be the only one using your chimney as a means of access to your home. Just like they use your roof vents, squirrels will also climb down your chimney. Oftentimes squirrels will fall into a chimney and will find themselves stuck, though this is only with smooth steel and clay-lined flues (a part of the chimney). Squirrels can climb brick chimneys easily. To stop squirrels from using your chimney, make sure you have a chimney cap.

In Through the Wall Vents

Are you starting to notice a pattern here? Squirrels will use any kind of small hole or opening that they can to gain entry to your house. Most homes have vents in their kitchen and in their bathrooms, and squirrels will use these to enter your home. We can install exclusionary equipment to prevent them from doing so.

Work With an Experienced Maryland Wildlife Removal Specialist

If you have a squirrel in your Annapolis, MD home, you need to steer clear of it. They may look cute but squirrels are known to carry rabies, as well as many other diseases. Don’t try and approach the animal, instead you should seek the aid of a professional Maryland wildlife removal company.

We have years of experience dealing with squirrels, and we can get them out of your home fast. Don’t stress out anymore, give us a call today.