Maryland Bird Removal

Though trees are the ideal home for birds, your attic can also prove quite attractive. Chimneys and other lofty entry points can also provide shelter for various Maryland birds. There are many different species of birds that will nest in your home including: pigeons, woodpeckers, starlings, and sparrows, to name a few. 

If you have birds in your home in Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, or in any of our other service areas, then we can help you with expert bird removal services

Birds in Your Attic or Chimney?

If you have birds in your attic, then the first step in their removal will be to identify them. In Maryland, these are the three most common birds we see roosting in people’s homes:

  • Pigeons – Pigeons oftentimes find their way inside residential homes. They like to roost in ledges, beams, sills, attics, A/C units, etc. Pigeons will roost anywhere.

  • Woodpeckers – While we may not see them as much as pigeons, woodpeckers can be extremely destructive. As is implied in their names, woodpeckers like to peck wood. It’s fine when they’re pecking trees, but can be very dangerous when they’re pecking at structural components of your home.

  • Starlings and Sparrows – Both starlings and sparrows like to build their nests in people’s homes. They’re small and can fit through even the tiniest of holes, and usually enter the home through the roof and into the attic.

If you have birds roosting in your home, then the best way to remove them is to install an exclusionary barrier. These barriers allow birds to leave and escape your home and prevents them from getting back inside. After all, birds are particularly resistant to traps since they can fly. However, sometimes traps make perfect sense for your situation, depending on certain circumstances.


Birds sometimes will build their nests on ledges and beams on the outside of your home, and the best way to prevent this is to make these parts of your home uninhabitable. We recommend using bird barriers including spikes, netting, and shock tracks. No matter what you have going on, we have the specialization to help you.  

Birds Stuck in Your Dryer Vent?

Any home that has a dryer will also have a dryer vent to allow for moisture and hot air to be released outside, and while the vent is a necessary part of your home, birds can build their nests in them and cause problems.

A bird’s nest in your dryer vent is dangerous for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, the nest could clog up the vent and could create a fire hazard. Secondly, birds can also carry diseases, and if any of the parasites or bacteria get into your home, you and your family could suffer from serious illnesses. If you open up your dryer door you may be able to hear chirping coming from the vent, and if you suspect you do have birds in your dryer vent, you need to get rid of them ASAP.

What About Your Bathroom Vent?

Just as birds will make their way into your dryer vents, they also like to build their nests in bathroom exhaust vents. You’ll likely know if you have birds in your bathroom vent if you can hear them chirping.

Get Some Help From a Maryland Wildlife Removal Specialist

If you’re having issues with birds in Maryland, then don’t let them give you any more headaches. Give us a call today, our team of wildlife removal experts is standing by and would love to help you in any way possible.