Dead Animal Removal in Maryland

From the oldest and tallest Oaks to the smallest micro-organisms, everything dies. It’s an unfortunate part of life, but everything that lives will eventually die. Animals die for many reasons: disease, age, hit by a car, etc., and sometimes they happen to die on your property. If you have a dead animal on your Maryland property you’ll likely know it. Firstly the smell of death is unique and particularly foul and is one that tends to carry. You may also notice other scavenger animals, such as buzzards, raccoons, and crows, circling the body. Once you know you have a dead animal on your property, you must act fast.

We remove dead animals from private properties for hire only. We do not remove dead animals from roads or public property. 

Do You Have a Dead Animal on Your Property?

The quicker you remove the animal carcass, the better off you’ll be. The longer you leave the animal lying there, the more it will smell and the more scavengers will come. Dead animals also attract insects and parasites which can carry diseases. If you find a dead animal, don’t touch it! Wait until a professional Maryland wildlife removal specialist arrives before you do anything.

Once the animal has been removed, the area will need to be deodorized, so that nothing is left lingering behind. This is particularly important when the animal dies inside your home. If an animal dies within the walls of your home, its removal could prove quite difficult. It can be extremely challenging to pinpoint where the animal is, as it is harder to go by smell when there are walls in between you and the animal carcass. We will probably also need to cut into the wall at some point, so it’s not a simple process.

Work With a Trusted Maryland Dead Animal Removal Company

There are many laws and regulations that govern the removal of a dead animal, and these rules must be followed. Here at K.P. Wildlife we are licensed and trained specifically on how to remove hazardous animal carcasses. Don’t put yours and your family’s health at risk by trying to deal with a dead animal hazard yourself, get the help of a professional Maryland dead animal removal company today. 

The technicians at K.P. Wildlife have years of experience, and we’ve dealt with more than our fair share of dead animals. We provide our services to Stevensville, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Queen Anne’s County, and many other areas of Maryland. Let us lend you a hand, give us a call today.