Exclusions and Repairs for Wildlife Damage in Maryland

When we’re called out for a job, removing the animal is only the start. Once the animal has been removed from your Maryland home, we’ll need to begin the installation of our exclusionary equipment. After all, you don’t want us to have to come back in another month because another animal got in.

Not only will we use our exclusionary equipment to prevent future animals from entering your home, but we will also perform repairs on any damage left behind by the previous animal. Whether you had a squirrel, a raccoon, an opossum, or a bat, they probably did a good bit of damage. We provide our wildlife services to Annapolis, Baltimore, Kent Island, Sudlersville and other areas in Maryland. Let us help you.

In Need of Exclusions or Repairs?

Nuisance wildlife can wreak havoc on your home, gnawing through electrical wires, tearing up insulation, digging up the yard, and much more. Many will find a way to get into your home, and if they can’t, they may make their way by chewing in. Even if the animal is removed, other animals could later come in in the same way. That’s why we always perform house inspections to locate all points of entry. Then we install our exclusion cages that allow animals to leave but won’t let them back in. 

Again, even after your home is free of critters, and we’ve prevented any future critters from coming in, our work still isn’t done. We will still need to perform a secondary inspection, making note of any damages caused by the animal. We can then begin making repairs, and before too long we’ll have your home looking just like new again.

Work With a Professional Maryland Wildlife Removal Company

Here at K.P. Wildlife, we’ve been in the wildlife management industry for a while now, and we’ve picked up a few things along the way. We’ve dealt with nearly any kind of animal including squirrels, raccoons, skunks, birds, bats, etc. Not only are we experienced with the removal of these animals, but with preventing them from getting back in and repairing their damages as well. Don’t wait any longer, give us a call today.