Maryland Beaver Removal

Besides humans, no animal has a larger impact on the ecosystem around them than beavers. Though they were once on the brink of extinction, the species has made a comeback. This is great for Maryland’s ecology but could spell disaster for your property.

Beavers live mostly near rivers and streams because they need them to build dams so that they can eat the plants that grow on them. Many homeowners across Maryland, including in Columbia, Baltimore, Annapolis, Sudlersville, and Kent Island, have come to know the dangers beavers possess first-hand. Trust us, these furry little construction workers aren’t to be messed with.  

Are Beavers Causing Damage to Your Maryland Property?

Firstly, as already mentioned, beavers only live around water, so if you’re far from any water source then you probably don’t need to worry. However, if you do live near a body of water, then there are some signs that you should be on the lookout for. If you see a lot of downed trees on or around your property or if you have a lot of muddy slides that feed into a river or stream, you could be dealing with a beaver. Of course, if you find a beaver dam then the beavers aren’t too far behind. 

One key to beaver removal is to get rid of them before they cause too much damage. Many beaver dams are small and won’t do much besides slowing a river’s flow, but some can grow quite big. These bigger dams have the potential to completely redirect a river, and this could spell disaster for you and your property. Don’t let a beaver flood your home, get help from a professional instead.

Get Help From a Maryland Beaver Removal Company

Beavers are crafty little animals and are among some of the most difficult to remove. Having said that, any quality Maryland wildlife removal company should be able to help you out with your beaver problem. Here at K.P. Wildlife, we’ve trapped beavers before, and we bring all of our experience with us. 

If you’re having issues with beavers on your property, don’t wait for disaster to strike, get help today. You could try and deal with the beavers yourself, but the only true and efficient way to get rid of your beaver problem is to get some help from a professional. We’re proud to say we serve Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Kent Island and many other Maryland towns. Give us a call today.