Maryland Squirrel Removal

Are squirrels living in your attic, climbing through the walls, causing damage and keeping you up at night? Allow our team at K.P. Wildlife to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Our Maryland squirrel removal services humanely remove these pests from your home because the problem spirals out of control. Serving residents throughout Maryland, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Sudlersville, and Columbia, we have a squirrel removal solution for every situation.

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How We Handle Your Squirrel Problem

At K.P. Wildlife, we use a multi-step approach as we tackle your squirrel problem. While squirrel removal seems simple, it is a complex process involving several tools and techniques. For every squirrel removal project, we:

  • Inspect the structure, looking for signs of squirrel activity, where they enter the space, and where they are nesting.
  • Begin the exclusion process, using one-way doors over the entry points we find. When the squirrels leave, they can’t come back.
  • Once the squirrels have a chance to leave the house, we trap the remaining pests in humane cages. The squirrels are relocated for your safety.
  • Repair all damage, ensuring that your home goes back to normal.
  • Disinfect and clean, preventing illness in the household due to leftover dander and droppings.
  • Exterior fortification. We squirrel-proof your home so that they cannot return.

We advise that you don’t attempt to trap squirrels on your own. We handle the trapping, and we fortify dryer vent covers, chimney caps, gable vents, attic fan covers, stove exhaust vent covers, and bathroom exhaust covers.

Contact K.P. Wildlife to speak to one of our Maryland squirrel removal experts before these pests infest other parts of your home or business.

Five-Star Customer Reviews

Alex W. says:

“I strongly believe in recognizing people and businesses when they are outstanding in their line of work and have a caring nature. When I come across someone who goes above and beyond my expectations, I share this with as many people as possible. I found this working with Kevin Porter/KP Wildlife Control. I have had ongoing bat sightings in my basement. After not being able to capture the last one I called KP Wildlife Control the next day to set an appointment. Mr. Porter came and looked over my home from basement to attic both inside and outside. He came up with a plan, a fair price, and a time line. He sealed my home’s exterior, set up the attic and addressed some other problems that were not a part of the arrangement. His work was very detailed and thorough. One evening, he even rushed over to capture a bat I spotted in my basement, at no additional charge. My final bill for his services was more than fair and even included additional unexpected savings. I am extremely pleased and haven’t had a bat sighting since. Thank you, Mr. Porter.”

Squirrel Removal in Your Attic

Squirrels might enter your attic in the winter — and never leave

When squirrels find a way into your attic, they invite everyone to come with them. While you might think you hear the sound of just one squirrel rummaging through your attic, there are likely more you don’t hear. Squirrels can easily chew through the exterior of your home, crawl through vents, and pass through existing holes because their shoulders are so narrow.

The moment they enter, the squirrels begin nesting, tearing up everything they can find to make a place to rest. Every exposed item in the attic from wiring to the HVAC unit and plumbing can be damaged or destroyed. This is especially dangerous because floods, gas leaks, and electrical sparks/fires can cause extensive damage to your home. 

Speak to a Maryland squirrel removal expert as soon as you notice something is amiss in the attic.

Squirrel Removal in the Walls

When you hear strange noises coming from your walls, contact K.P. Wildlife right away

When squirrels infiltrate your Maryland home, they might make their way from the attic and into the walls. The scratching noises you hear could spread throughout the house, leading to an infestation that is unhealthy for your family. In the worst cases, squirrels might enter the living space to search for food.

While in the walls, squirrels can chew through wiring for appliances, damage electrical sockets, and destroy insulation. These issues further deteriorate the value of your home and make it far less comfortable even after we remove the squirrels. A Maryland squirrel removal expert will explain further during your inspection. 

Squirrel Removal in the Chimney

Never use your fireplace if you think there are squirrels hiding in the chimney — Call K.P. Wildlife first!

Squirrels sometimes access homes through the chimney, choosing to nest in the upper reaches or even climbing down to the fireplace vent. If you hear noises inside your chimney, don’t use the fireplace until you speak to a Maryland squirrel removal expert. 

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

Contact us to speak with a Maryland squirrel removal specialist if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Scratching noises or the sounds of an animal running
  • Loud noises in the early morning or evening
  • Attic insulation outside the house
  • Flickering lights
  • The smell of animal urine
  • Mold or water damage on the walls or ceilings

Squirrel Removal Services for Maryland Residents

In Maryland, there are two species of squirrel you should be watchful for. The Eastern Gray Squirrel and Flying Squirrel both populate the region, and they can easily gain access to your Maryland home from Annapolis to Baltimore, Sudlersville, and Columbia.

Additionally, we offer a range of animal removal services to handle any situation around your property, including:

For more information on all our services at K.P. Wildlife, Call us at 443.282.5035 or contact us online to consult with a member of our animal removal team