Maryland Bat Removal

Maryland is home to many different species of bat and though they may be scary, they’re an important part of our ecosystem. The two most common species of bat in the state of Maryland are the little brown bat and the big brown bat. 

These flying mammals will munch on nuisance insects like mosquitoes throughout the summer, but they can also sneak into your home and cause trouble. If you have a bat in your home, contact the experts at K.P. Wildlife right away to handle the problem. We’re proud to serve many communities in Maryland including Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Kent Island, Queen Anne’s County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County. 

Need Bat Removal Fast?

If you have bats roosting under your roof, then you need to have them removed quickly. Unlike pest control companies that will spread poison to get rid of the animals, K.P. Wildlife is here to make sure the animals are safely removed. After all, bats are a federally protected species, which means that they must be handled with care, in accordance with the law. Our staff are specifically trained to handle all manner of wildlife removal in Maryland with a complete process that includes repairs, education, and exclusion. Our goal is not just to remove the bats, but to keep the bats out!

Bats are a Serious Problem in Maryland

Bats like to roost in large groups called “colonies”. These colonies are great for keeping insect populations under control. In fact, a colony of small brown bats can consume a quarter of a million insects in just one night! For the most part, bats like to gather in areas where they can hang in the dark and breed safely. Attics, for example, are often preferred. However, if bats get into your home, you need to have them removed right away. Not only is their guano toxic and riddled with disease, but they can potentially infect people and pets with rabies through subtle bites in the night

You’ll most likely see bats during the summertime, as they usually roost in caves or mines during the winter. During the summer, both little and big brown bats like to take up residence in buildings. If you see a bat in your home, leave the room immediately. Shut the bat in the room and don’t let anyone go inside until help arrives. 

Even if one bat doesn’t seem like a big deal, the threat of rabies is a serious one. Protect your home and your family by getting the animal removal help you need from K.P. Wildlife.