Maryland Bat Removal

Bats are a critical part of American culture. They’re seen as decorations for Halloween, remind us of vampires, and amaze us with their echolocation abilities. These flying mammals munch on nuisance insects like mosquitoes throughout the summer, but they can also sneak into your home and cause trouble. Serving Maryland residents from Annapolis to Baltimore, Sudlersville, and Columbia, our Maryland bat removal specialists will help you take back your home. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources requires all of our clients to complete this Online Application Letter for us to perform bat removal services.


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How We Handle Your Bat Problem

Unlike pest control companies that spread poison to get rid of the animals, K.P. Wildlife is here to make sure the animals are safely removed. After all, bats are a federally protected species, which means that they must be handled with care and in accordance with the law. 

Our staff are specifically trained to handle all bat removals in Maryland — with a complete process that includes repairs, education, and exclusion. If bats make their way into your home, they will not relocate on their own. Our goal is not just to remove the bats, but to keep them out!

During the process, we:

  • Thoroughly inspect your home
  • Write an estimate for all the work we must do
  • Time the exclusion to ensure young bats are not trapped in the house — in the spring before pups are born or in the winter when bats generally migrate to local caves for hibernation
  • Add a batcone to the chimney where bats can exit and not re-enter
  • Fortify the structure to prevent bats from re-entering
  • Screen vents and pipe openings
  • Disinfect and clean the attic or roosting area
  • Repair damage caused by the bats


We never encourage our customers to attempt to remove bats on their own. At K.P. Wildlife, our Maryland bat removal services ensure your home is both safe and bat-free. 

Top-Notch Customer Reviews

Anca C. says:

“Kevin was highly recommended by one of my coworkers. A few years ago he evicted the bats from the attic, cleaned it, and sealed the whole roof. Since then, I had no more problems. I called him every year for inspection and I even had them come and inspect the newly installed roof to make sure it was well-sealed. He has always been very courteous, prompt, and efficient; I plan on calling every year or more often if the need arises.”

Bat Removal in Your Attic

Don’t let bats take over your attic

Bats like to roost in large groups called “colonies”. These colonies are great for keeping insect populations under control. In fact, a colony of small brown bats can consume a quarter of a million insects in just one night! 

For the most part, bats like to gather in areas where they can hang in the dark and breed safely. Attics, for example, are preferable. However, if bats get into your home, you should remove them right away. Not only is their guano toxic and riddled with disease, but they can potentially infect people and pets with rabies through subtle bites in the night. 

Our Maryland bat removal specialists will inspect the house, explain how to remove the bats, and  walk you through how long the process should take. 

Bat Removal on Your Roof

We don’t let bats congregate on your roof

If you have bats roosting under your roof, then you need to have them removed quickly. At times, you may notice bats roosting on your roof as they search for an entry point into your home. Contact our Maryland bat removal team at K.P Wildlife as soon as possible when you notice this pattern of behavior. We may be able to fortify your home before the bats gain entry. We can even install a bat house on the chimney to provide the bats with a better place to roost.

Bat Removal in Your Basement/Crawl Space

Take care of your basement before a bat infestation occurs

We can deploy our Maryland bat removal team in your basement because you may have exposed rafters, pipes, and wires that allow bats to hang upside down and relax. If you rarely use the basement or crawl space, the bats may have spent weeks or even months roosting completely unnoticed.

We use ultrasonic repellent, batcones, and other exclusion techniques to get the bats to leave your home. Plus, we fortify the area around the basement or crawl space, and clean, disinfect, and repair the area. 

Signs of a Bat Infestation

You’ll most likely see bats during the summertime, as they usually roost in caves or mines in the winter. During the summer, both little and big brown bats like to take up residence in local homes. If you see a bat in your home, leave the room immediately. Shut the bat in the room and don’t let anyone go inside until help arrives.

Other, less obvious, signs of a bat infestation include:

  • The sounds of bats squeaking, flying, and smacking into objects
  • Bat guano — feces — littered around the floor of the attic, basement, or crawl space
  • Staining on the ceiling or floors where bats leave urine, feces, or other excrements

Bat Removal Services for Maryland Residents

Maryland is home to many different species of bat. Though they may be scary, they’re an important part of our ecosystem. The two most common species of bat in the state of Maryland are the little brown bat and the big brown bat. 

In addition to our Maryland bat removal services, our team at K.P. Wildlife also offers:


Call us at 443.282.5035 or contact us online to schedule a bat removal inspection and estimate with a member of our animal removal team.

Bat Removal FAQs

Contact our Maryland bat removal experts at K.P. Wildlife right away for help with any of the issues listed above. We’re proud to serve communities across Maryland in Queen Anne’s County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County. Review these frequently asked questions to learn more about your current bat problem.

Is bat removal covered by homeowner’s insurance?

No. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover bat removal or exclusion. We offer competitive prices at K.P. Wildlife to help you get through this difficult time.

How do I permanently get rid of bats?

At K.P. Wildlife, we know that the only permanent bat removal solution is exclusion. We allow the bats to leave the house through special cone exits, fortify your home, and clean the area so that you can get back to normal.

What do bats hate the most?

Bats hate the smell of any strong mint — such as peppermint oil. While we do not recommend trying to drip peppermint oil around your attic, these techniques might be used around your home when you see bats lingering outside. You can also contact our team at K.P. Wildlife for more information.