Bat Exclusion Services

Bats scare a lot of people, but they are a vital part of our ecosystem. It can be terrifying to find a lone bat, let alone a whole colony, in your home. If you do have some bats in your home, you should definitely reach out to an experienced bat removal expert in Maryland. And if you don’t have any bats in your home, then it’s a perfect time to set up some bat exclusionary equipment. Our team at K.P. Wildlife Control provides bat removal/exclusion services to all of Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties, and most of Maryland. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources requires all of our clients to complete this Online Application Letter for us to perform bat removal or exclusion services.

Call us at 443.282.5035 or contact us online to schedule a bat removal inspection and estimate with a member of our animal exclusion team.

Bats Bring With Them Health Concerns

We would advise anyone to remain calm, and not allow their fear or panic to overpower them, but there are reasons to be afraid of bats in your home. Firstly, bats are an animal that can carry rabies, a horrible disease that can be fatal if left untreated. Rabies has of course long been cured, but being cured involves being stuck with a number of needles.

Secondly, and perhaps even more scary, are all of the parasites, fungus, and bacteria that comes off from guano (bat fecal matter). Bats can produce a lot of guano, and there are a number of air-born issues it can create. Having bats living in your home can create respiratory problems for you and your family, a scary thought for sure.

Why Use Bat Exclusion Equipment?

Of all the wild animals that will enter a home, bats can be some of the trickiest to remove. They can move pretty fast, can fly, and there’s usually a lot of them. Most bat species, and all bat species native to Maryland, are small animals, and are able to fit through even some of the smallest holes in your home. If you have bats in your home, the primary method of removal is exclusion. We will locate and plug all entrances being used by the bats into the home, save one. At this entrance, we will install a wire cone that allows bats to exit without being able to return. They work similar to the way that many crab traps do. The State of Maryland requires homeowners to fill out a Bat Exclusion Form when installing bat exclusion equipment.

Bat Species Native to the State of Maryland

Maryland has ten species of bat native to it. Four of them are tree bats, while six are cave bats. The tree bats include:


  • Eastern Red Bats
  • Evening Bats
  • Hoary Bats
  • Silver-Haired Bats


And the six cave bats are:


  • Big Brown Bats
  • Eastern Small-Footed Bat
  • Indiana Bat
  • Little Brown Bat
  • Northern Long-Eared Bat
  • Tri-Colored Bat


No matter what kind of bat you have in your home, your best bet is to get in contact with an experienced wildlife removal specialist.

Get Some Assistance from a Licensed and Professional Bat Exclusion Service Provider

Whether you’re already having issues with some bats, or want to prevent any future issues, we’re here to help you! Having some bats in your home can make life a nightmare, but it’s a nightmare that you can be awoken from, when you work with an experienced and trusted bat exclusion and wildlife removal company in Maryland. At K.P. Wildlife Control, we’ve been helping Maryland homeowners with our animal exclusion and removal services for years. You can reach out to us with any questions at 443.282.5035, or you can send us a message on our website.