4 Places Wildlife Can Enter Your Home This Winter?

With winter approaching fast, many animals will begin to search for places of warmth, and this may lead them into your home. As someone who has been providing animal removal services to Maryland and Delaware for years, we’ve seen all the different ways an animal can get into a house, and we wanted to take some time today to talk about just four of the places animals can enter your home this winter.

  • The Attic

Your attic may just be the place you keep your holiday decorations, but it’s also the most common place we find animals entering people’s homes. Birds, squirrels, bats, raccoons, really any kind of animal that can climb or fly can get into your attic. Usually they enter the attic through either a chimney or a vent, and once there they can be difficult to trap without the aid of a Maryland animal removal service company.

  • Your Basement/Cellar

Just as animals will try to get into the highest part of your home, they will also try to get into your lowest point. We usually find raccoons or opossums in basements, but any kind of animal could be attracted to the warmth. Basements and cellars tend to be cramped spaces, and raccoons and opossums can carry rabies and other diseases, so their removal is typically best left to professional animal removal specialists.

  • The Crawl Space

Most homes have a crawl space that allows for access to the home’s frame and plumbing/electrical infrastructure, but crawl spaces also offer an entry point for animals. It can be nearly impossible to maneuver around in some crawl spaces, so the best method of capture is usually to set up a trap with bait, something an experienced Maryland animal removal company can help you with.

  • Your Shed

You probably won’t be using your shed as much in the winter as you do in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you won’t use it at all. There’s nothing worse than walking out to your shed to get your snow blower, only to find a mother opossum has had her litter and built her nest there. Don’t let your shed become some animal’s home, get help from a trusted animal removal specialist in Maryland.

Work with an Experienced Animal Removal Service Provider in Maryland

Here at K.P. Wildlife, we’ve been providing Maryland and Delaware with our animal removal services for years, and we’ve seen it all. Whether you have a squirrel in your attic, a raccoon in your basement, or an opossum in your shed, we can help. Our team of Maryland animal removal experts is standing by ready to assist you any way they can, give us call today.