5 Landscaping Upgrades to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Home

Trying to keep wild animals off your property can be a near Herculean task, but working with a professional MD animal removal company can make the task much easier. Here at Bay Area Wildlife, we’ve been providing Marylanders with our animal removal services for years, and we can help you too. We wanted to take some time today to talk about some landscaping upgrades you can make to your home to keep wildlife out.

  1. Build or Upgrade a Fence

One easy way to keep critters off your property is to either build a fence or upgrade an existing one. Some animals, like opossums and raccoons are natural climbers, so the fence will do little to stop them, but will be able to keep out larger animals like deer. As a MD animal removal company, we’ve helped countless homeowners upgrade their fences, we can outfit yours with animal prevention equipment too.

  1. Protect Your Trash Cans

One of the main reasons animals come onto people’s properties is for food, and one of the primary sources of food is your trash cans. Just securing your trash cans or building a corral for them can be enough to prevent wild animals from venturing onto your property. If you need some help protecting your trash cans, get into contact with a professional MD animal removal company.

  1. Plant Certain Plants

There are particular plants out there that are disliked by most wild animals due to their bitter taste and planting these flowers and plants around your yard can help dissuade wildlife. Some plants include lavender, thyme, and pine. Work with an experienced Maryland animal removal company to figure out where the best spots to plant them around your yard are.

  1. Place Ornaments Around Your Yard

Lawn ornaments, like plastic owls, can be an effective method of deterring wildlife from coming onto your yard. These ornaments aren’t sure proof, but they likely will prevent some animals from coming onto your property. The plastic predator ornaments act as a warning to animals and will dissuade them from entering your property.

  1. Get Help from an Experienced MD Animal Removal Company

Here at Bay Area Wildlife, we’ve been helping folks out in Maryland for years, and we can help you out too. If you’re having problems with wildlife coming into your yard, or onto your property, we can help. Give our Maryland animal removal company a call, and our team will try to help you in any way possible.