6 Things to Know About Wildlife Removal

Maryland is home to a number of animals that can cause problems around your property, and as an experienced Frederick, MD animal removal company we’ve dealt with them all. No one wants a wild animal living in their home, but most folks don’t know where to begin when they discover the problem. As your preferred local animal removal service partner, we have a few helpful tips for anyone who’s dealing with a wildlife infestation.

6 Things to know about wildlife removal

1. Steer Clear

Animals can become aggressive when threatened, which is why it’s usually best to leave the wrangling and trapping to the professional Frederick, MD animal removal company. Foxes, squirrels, raccoons, and many other critters can carry rabies or other diseases, which make them even more aggressive. 

2. Look for Signs of Animal Activity

If you haven’t seen the animal itself, but you suspect there is one on your property, look for the obvious signs of animal activity. If you spot any droppings or holes in your walls, or if you’re hearing unexplained noises, you may have an unwelcome visitor.

3. Folk Remedies Offer Limited Results

There are hundreds of years of folk remedies and old wives’ tales to choose from, but we wouldn’t recommend any of them. Using natural solutions may keep animals away for a little while, but the only way to keep your property wildlife-free is to work with an experienced Frederick, MD animal removal company.

4. It Could Be Any Kind of Animal

In Maryland, there are many different animals that can make their way into your home, and if you can’t get a good look at them, you may be in the dark about what’s going on. If you’re hearing noises in the basement or attic, it could be an opossum, raccoon, squirrel, etc. 

5. Animal Removal is a Process

The process of trapping and removing an animal can be difficult, and generally takes some time — typically at least a week or so. There’s a possibility that we could capture the animal as early as the next day, but usually it takes a little longer.

6. Work with a Professional Frederick, MD Animal Removal Company

Here at K.P. Wildlife, we are prepared to remove any animal from your property at any time. If you think you have a wild animal on your property, give us a call. Our team of experienced Frederick, MD animal removal experts is ready to answer your questions or schedule an appointment.