Maryland Chipmunk Removal

Growing up we think of chipmunks as small, cute, and mischievous creatures, but while small, they can pack a considerable punch. We’ve been providing our chipmunk removal services to Baltimore, Westminster, Columbia, Kent Island, Howard County, and all of Maryland for years. We wanted to share some of what we’ve learned about the animal.

What Kind of Damage Can a Chipmunk Do to a Maryland Home?

Chipmunks are burrowing creatures, meaning they make their homes by digging underground. They may be small creatures, but they eat a lot and store a lot of food in their burrows, which means they tend to build large and extensive tunnel networks. This is fine out in the wild, but on your property, it could cause the ground under your home’s foundation to weaken, potentially putting your home at great risk.

In addition to the threat to your house, chipmunks are also notorious for tearing up yards. They can single-handedly destroy a garden, ripping up flower bulbs and plants, and have been known to wreak havoc upon bird feeders. One of the easiest ways to get rid of chipmunks is to keep them from coming around in the first place. You’ll want to remove anything that could be attractive to a chipmunk, including wood piles, vegetation, food left out for pets, and birdseed. Bottom line is chipmunks can cause some serious damage to your Maryland home.

Get Help From a Trusted Maryland Wildlife Removal Professional

If you’re having issues with chipmunks on your property, then seek some help from a trained Maryland wildlife removal specialist. Here at K.P. Wildlife, we service Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Kent Island, Sudlersville, Westminster, and many other areas of Maryland. We’re dedicated to using only humane catch and release practices, and we’ve relocated many chipmunks over the years. Let us give you a hand, give us a call today.