Are Squirrels Dangerous for Your Home?

When you think of dangerous animals, squirrels may not be the first critter that pops into your mind, but squirrels can actually cause a good bit of damage to your home. As someone who has been providing Howard County with our animal removal services for years, we wanted to take a little bit of time today to talk about how squirrels can cause damage to your home.

Nesting in Your Home

Squirrels will usually enter a home in seek of shelter. Most of Maryland is fairly developed, which has led to a large decrease in natural habitat space, which forces more and more squirrels into houses. Keep an eye out for any holes in your siding or roof, as these could be the entry points squirrels are using to get into your home.

Squirrels Create Fire Hazards

If you’ve ever seen a squirrel’s nest, you know they will build it out of anything. Similar to how birds build their nests, squirrels will use both natural and manmade materials to construct their new home. When looking for building materials, squirrels will rip apart your home’s insulation and wiring. We’ve seen some attics where the squirrels have ripped up all kinds of wiring, leaving live wires littered across the ground. This is obviously a major fire hazard, so if you suspect you have squirrels in your attic, get into contact with a professional Howard County animal removal company.

They Can Attack Pets

While rare, we have heard several stories over the years of squirrels attacking pets. They typically do not carry rabies, but if they feel threatened, they can lash out at your cat or dog. If a pet is hurt by a squirrel, you should immediately take them to a veterinarian, and get help from a Howard County animal removal specialist.

Work with an Experienced Animal Removal Company in Howard County

K.P. Wildlife has been providing Howard County, and many other areas of Maryland with our animal removal services for a long time. We’ve removed squirrels, raccoons, birds, snakes, you name it. If you have an animal on your property, and need help removing it, give us a call, our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.