Are There Squirrels Running Around Your Attic?

Are you hearing noises coming from your attic? Are you finding droppings around your house? Have you seen any animals coming in and out of your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you probably have an animal living in your attic. It could be bats, raccoons, or birds, but the animal we find most often in people’s attics are squirrels.

squirrels in attic

Signs of Squirrels in Your Attic

Many different signs could point to squirrels as the intruders. Here at K.P. Wildlife, as a professional Maryland wildlife removal expert we’ve dealt with more than our fair share of squirrels over the years, and we wanted to share a little bit of what we’ve learned.

Sounds in the Attic

If you’re hearing sounds coming from your attic, then chances are some type of animal is up there. If it’s a squirrel then you may be hearing scratching sounds or the sounds of little feet running around. You may also hear them jumping.

Strange Smells

Over time the smell of squirrel urine can become quite pungent, and this smell can waft down into your home. Not only can the smell come straight from your attic, but it can also come through your home’s heating and air conditioning vents.

Check for Tracks

First, you need to find the squirrel’s entry point. Then place a piece of cardboard down with some flour on it. Come back and check periodically to see if there are any tracks on it. Squirrel tracks look similar to rabbit tracks, so their back paws come up alongside their front paws.

Work With a Professional Maryland Wildlife Removal Specialist

Whether you have squirrels or any other kind of animal in your attic, you’re always better off working with a professional Maryland wildlife removal company. Here at K.P. Wildlife, we’ve been providing our squirrel removal services to Maryland for years, and we’ve loved every moment of it.

Our team of animal removal experts is standing by ready to help you in any way possible. Don’t wait around, give us a call today!