Attic Insulation Removal and Replacement

Insulation that has been destroyed by wildlife leaves you in a challenging situation. Your insulation is crucial for keeping your home warm and comfortable. If your attic insulation has been destroyed or it’s just time to replace your insulation, look no further than K.P. Wildlife Control. Take a closer look at our MD attic insulation removal and replacement services. 



How We Remove and Replace Attic Insulation

As a wildlife removal company, we start all our attic insulation removal and replacement services by checking for any wildlife trapped inside your attic. Once we’ve determined that there isn’t any wildlife living in your attic, or have safely removed the animal from your home, then we’ll get started with the attic insulation removal and replacement process. 


Our experienced insulation removal specialists will start by installing canvas runners to protect your floors. Afterward, we will remove batts by hand and place them in large bags and tie them shut. If your attic has loose-fill insulation, we will use a powerful vacuum with large hoses to vacuum out your insulation into large bags. All the bags filled with your old insulation will be removed from your property and disposed of in the landfill by our specialists. 


Once we completely remove all of your old, damaged insulation, we will then install your brand-new insulation. The entire process usually takes less than one day. That means your home will be back to feeling comfortable with minimal disruption to your routine! 


Why Remove and Replace Old Insulation?

If you’re debating whether to replace your insulation, there are a few reasons why you should.


  1. Rodents and insects love to nest in fiberglass insulation
  2. Loose-fill and batt fiberglass can create a dusty environment and lead to respiratory and health problems. 
  3. As aged fiberglass settles, it loses R-value, which means it loses its effectiveness to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.
  4. Completely removing your existing insulation is the only way to thoroughly air-seal your ceilings.


We’re a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured 

K.P. Wildlife Control is a licensed, bonded, and insured attic insulation removal and replacement company. That means that you’re always protected when you work with us. You can always rest assured when you hire K.P. Wildlife Control to remove and replace your attic insulation. Our quality service and years of experience in the industry have earned us a reputation for being a dependable and thorough attic insulation removal and replacement company.


Get Started Today

Need insulation removal and replacement in MD? Get started today with K.P. Wildlife Control. Our team of insulation experts is always standing by, ready to help. We make the process easy by providing a detailed estimate, expert recommendations, and fair pricing. 


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