Big Damage that Little Critters Can Do to a House

When it comes to home maintenance, most homeowners focus on obvious threats like storms or structural wear. However, an often-overlooked danger comes from small critters such as rodents, insects, and other pests. These tiny invaders can cause significant damage, leading to costly repairs if not addressed promptly.

Big Damage that Little Critters Can Do to a House

Rodents: Tiny Teeth, Huge Problems

Rodents, particularly mice and rats, are notorious for their destructive habits. These small animals have continuously growing incisors, compelling them to gnaw on various materials to keep their teeth in check. Unfortunately, this means they often chew through wiring, insulation, and even wooden structures. Electrical wires are a favorite target, and gnawing on these can lead to short circuits, power outages, or even fires. The damage doesn’t stop there. Rodents often create nests within walls and attics, using insulation material, which reduces your home’s energy efficiency. Rodents are also vectors for diseases, carrying pathogens that can contaminate food supplies and surfaces. Their droppings and urine create unsanitary conditions, posing health risks to the household. Effective rodent control and regular inspections are crucial to prevent these issues from escalating.

Bats: Disease Spreaders

Bats tend to roost in attics, and can cause quite a nuisance. They can cause a good deal of noise, and the fact that they’re nocturnal, makes this noise all the more troublesome. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of having bats living in your home, is the potential diseases they spread through their guano (feces). Allowing bats to live in your home can cause serious health concerns and air quality issues for both you and your family. Bats may be small, but they can cause a lot of damage to a household and really disrupt things.

Birds: Home Nesters

There are many people who love birds, and who try to spot them for fun. However, it’s not very fun when they build their nests somewhere in your home. Birds can be quite noisy, particularly baby birds, and have been known to cause some serious house damage while looking for things to use to construct their nest. Birds will tear at your home’s insulation, create holes in your siding, and can even tear away at wiring, creating a potential fire hazard. You don’t want to put your home in peril, if you’ve got birds in your home, look to have them removed as soon as possible.

Squirrels: Cunning Climbers

Squirrels are agile and persistent, often finding their way into attics and crawl spaces. Once inside, they can cause considerable damage by chewing on electrical wires, insulation, and wooden structures. They also create nests, which can lead to further structural damage and potential fire hazards due to chewed wiring. In addition to physical damage, squirrels can also carry parasites and diseases that pose health risks. Preventing squirrel entry by sealing gaps and installing chimney caps can help protect your home. If squirrels are already present, humane removal and exclusion by a professional are recommended.

Get Help from a Professional Wildlife Control Company

At K.P. Wildlife, we understand the importance of addressing these issues promptly and effectively. Our experienced team provides thorough inspections and tailored solutions to ensure your home remains safe and sound. Reach out to us today to learn more about how you can prevent critter damage in your home.