Dangers of Animals in Your Home

What’s the harm in a small critter living inside your home? You don’t bother them, and they apparently don’t bother you. The truth is that even though you believe there’s no harm in allowing a wild creature to live in your home, they can cause tremendous harm to your home and to your household members. Check out some of the dangers involved with a wild animal living in your home. 



Damaged Insulation 

Every home requires insulation. Insulation is a thermally resistant barrier that provides resistance to heat flow and lowers your heating and cooling costs. When an animal enters your home and resides inside your walls, it could end up destroying your home’s insulation. As a result, you can experience higher than usual energy bills, and your home may end up feeling more uncomfortable.


Damaged Electrical Wiring

Wild animals use their teeth as means to do various things. If they enter your home, they can end up gnawing through electrical wires. This can lead to malfunctioning electricity or even an electrical fire. Both of those scenarios are less than ideal, so it’s always a better idea to have wildlife removed from your home. 


Spread of Diseases

Wildlife can carry diseases such as rabies, blastomycosis, Trichinosis, and salmonella. As wildlife roams around your home, they can contaminate areas and items throughout the home. Once you touch the contaminated areas or items, you or your household members are at risk of becoming infected. That’s why it’s important to have a wild animal removed from your home as soon as possible. 


Poor Air Quality

Wildlife also has the potential to significantly impact your home’s air quality. The feces and shed skin they leave behind can go airborne, enter your home’s vents, and contaminate the air you breathe. This is especially dangerous for people who have asthma or other breathing problems. 


Structural Damage

In extreme cases, wildlife can significantly impact the integrity of your home. Costly home damages caused by wildlife are not covered in most homeowner’s insurance policies, which means you can end up paying for these repairs out of pocket. That’s why it’s crucial to have critters removed before they can cause extensive damage to your home. 


Protect Your Home with KP Wildlife Control

If you believe that an animal is living in your home, let the animal removal specialists at KP Wildlife Control remove it for you. We pride ourselves on humane removal methods, fast response times, and efficient removal. Contact us now to get started.