Getting and Keeping Raccoons off Your Property

Raccoons are cunning creatures who can survive in almost any environment. Unfortunately, this might mean that these animals may choose your property as a place to live throughout the year. While they can be a pest by rummaging through your trash cans and destroying your yard, raccoons can also be quite dangerous. They are sometimes known to carry rabies and other harmful diseases. That’s why it’s important to keep raccoons off your property, whether you live in Annapolis, Queen Anne’s County, Columbia, or Kent Island. Take a look at some ways to do just that:

raccoon wildlife removal

Cover Your Trash

Raccoons are attracted to waste bins and trash cans due to the fact that they frequently contain leftover food. You can lessen the chances of encountering a raccoon by storing your outdoor trash cans indoors (like in an exterior hallway or a secure garage) until it’s time to have trash collected, or by securing your outdoor trashcans with sturdy lids. You can also use heavy-duty trash bags and double-bag your trash when you put it outside to keep raccoons from ripping into them and creating a mess of garbage on your property.


Seal Potential Access Points

Sometimes raccoons can find their way into your property through exterior holes. To prevent this from happening, inspect your home regularly to make sure all possible points of entry are sealed or covered. If you have already experienced raccoons entering your home, it is recommended to have a professional Annapolis wildlife removal company come to inspect the property for possible access points. They can identify points-of-entry that may not be easily identified by the average homeowner.


Fence off Your Garden

If raccoons are getting into your garden and are destroying your plants, consider building a fence around your garden. Because raccoons are good climbers, it is recommended to use a 2-wire electrical fence. A good tip for this is to only turn on the electricity after dark when raccoons usually come out to find food.


Utilize Noises

Unusual and loud noises can be used to instantly scare off raccoons. If you’re interested in this tactic, consider putting radios or wildlife-specific noisemakers in your yard. The one thing about this strategy is because raccoons easily adapt, they may become accustomed to the noises and eventually, it may not scare them. This is why it’s best to rely on a professional wildlife removal company in Maryland to assess your specific situation and provide an effective solution.


Limit Hiding Spaces

Like most animals, raccoons like to lurk in shaded, covered areas. One way to keep your yard from becoming the hide-and-seek playground for raccoons is to keep your grass mowed, prune any overgrown shrubs, and clean up any brush on the ground.


Need to Have a Raccoon Removed From Your Property?

If you’re experiencing raccoon problems and need Annapolis, MD raccoon removal, K.P. Wildlife Control is here to help. Our specially-trained experts will come to your home and not only remove any unwanted raccoons, but also repair any damage they have caused and ensure these pests stay far from your home. During our removal process, we strive to ensure that all parties involved are safe and use humane practices in our wildlife removal services. Call or contact us today!