Havoc that Birds in Your Home Can Cause

Birds are helpful for a lot of things around your property, such as eating harmful insects and entertaining you when you need them most. But once they enter your home, they can wreak havoc. In fact, bird-related problems are one of the most common pest issues reported. But how much havoc could these seemingly harmless creatures cause? Keep reading to find out. 



Clogged Gutter

Birds can clog your house’s gutters and cause drainage problems. That’s because birds usually build their nests in high places such as in a tree or on a roof. Gutters are especially attractive to birds since they have easy access to fresh water and readily available insects. Their nests can block water flow and lead to flooding. The additional weight in the gutters can lead to sagging and damaged walls and siding. 


Blocked Chimneys

Some birds build their nests in hollow trees; a chimney offers similar conditions. If a bird decides to build its nest inside your chimney, it can block it and cause smoke and carbon monoxide backup in your home. Nests are highly flammable, therefore having one inside your chimney increases the risk of a fire if a stray spark reaches it. 


Attic Damage 

If birds find an opening into your attic, they can cause a lot of damage. Birds are natural scavengers, so they will tear through walls, insulation, and personal belongings to find things they need to build their nest. Damaged walls and missing insulation removes protection from your home and increases your energy costs. Birds can also damage irreplaceable personal belongings that you have stored in the attic. 


Disease and Parasite

Wild birds can come with an array of diseases and parasites. They often carry diseases like Salmonella, Avian Conjunctivitis, and bird mites. They can also carry parasites such as flares, tapeworms, and ticks. Every kind of disease and parasite that a bird carries has the potential of being passed on to you or your family if a bird enters your home. Their feces, urine, and physical contact can put your entire household at risk for health problems.


Damaged Aesthetic 

Your home is a representation of you and your style. Birds can damage your home’s aesthetic that you’ve worked hard for. Birds can leave droppings on your property, damage your home’s exterior walls, and make your house look overall worn-out. You can prevent this from happening by enlisting the help of a professional MD animal removal company. They’ll remove the birds from your property before they can cause extensive damage and even take precautionary measures to ensure they won’t come back. 


Let the Animal Removal Experts at K.P. Wildlife Control Help 

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