How Do Bats Get in the House?

There’s nothing spookier than investigating noises in the attic, only to discover you have some bats living up in there. Bats are a crucial part of our ecosystems; without them insect populations would boom, but they become nuisances when they enter our homes. At K.P. Wildlife, we get calls about bats all the time, and wanted to explain a few ways they can get into your home.


Does your home have a chimney? If so, that could be the access point the bats are using to get into your home. Most people don’t spend that much time inspecting their chimneys, and they are perfect locations for bats to both live and enter your home. If you suspect you have bats in your home, be careful about trying to flush them out, as they can act frantically when threatened. You’re much better off getting some assistance from an experienced Maryland animal removal expert.

Cracks in Your Roof

Over time, cracks and holes can start to form in your roof, and if they grow big enough, bats and other animals wil start using these cracks and holes as access points. You’ll need to have any animals in your home trapped, and then have your roof repaired, or else more bats will just come back.

Your Home’s Siding

If you have some damage to your home’s siding, this could be a spot where bats are getting into your home. You’d be amazed by how small of a hole a bat can fit through, so even if you just have some small holes in your home’s siding, you need to get them repaired, or else you may have some unwelcome house guests.

Need Some Pest Control Help?

Whether you have bats in your home, or any other kind of animal, we can help. At K.P. Wildlife, we’ve been helping people out in Maryland for a long time, and have caught more than our fair share of bats. If you have a bat in your home, get into contact with us. Our team of Maryland pest control experts is standing by ready to help!