How Do Birds Get in My Vents?

Vents are very attractive places for birds to set up nests due to the vents’ high location and the protection they provide from the outside elements. Birds will usually start attempting to get into vents beginning in late March. Not only can they be an annoyance, but birds that occupy your vents can be dangerous to the people living inside the home. If birds are not removed, they can spread diseases, or even cause a fire.

bird in vent

Common Places Birds Occupy

Birds can occupy any vent in your home, but the most common ones they occupy are the kitchen, bathroom, and dryer vents. All three provide warmth and each vent provides different risks if a bird does build a nest in them. The amount of time a bird occupies your home varies, but during their stay, they can become increasingly noisy and affect the functionality of your vents.


Why Birds Nesting in Your Vents is Dangerous

There are many other serious problems that come with a bird nesting in your vents. Bird carry lice and mites, so when a bird enters your home through a vent, the lice and mites can enter your home as well. Because birds usually occupy kitchen and bathroom vents, it’s not uncommon to see these insects crawling around these areas of your home.

Another problem that occurs is that the nests built by the birds block the airflow into and out of the vents. This means that the vent cannot properly do its job and you can be looking at serious problems inside of your home. A blocked vent can lead to fires and accumulated unpleasant odors.


How to Remove Birds From Your Vents

The best thing you can do is to prevent birds from entering a vent in the first place. Seal off these vents with specialty vent covers. Should a bird enter a vent, only an expert is qualified to have it removed. Because of the delicacy of the situation, it’s best not to attempt to remove wildlife on your own. A specially-trained wildlife removal expert can help you remove the bird safely and efficiently.


Do You Have a Bird in Your Vent?

If you’re a Maryland homeowner looking for bird removal in Howard County, K.P. Wildlife Control is here to help! Our specially trained experts are on standby ready to help you remove that unwanted bird in your home. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment for wildlife removal or repairs.