How Do Squirrels Get in the House?

If you’ve ever had a squirrel in your home, then you know what a problem that can be. Squirrels move fast, and can wreak havoc on your home, chewing through walls and wires. At K.P. Wildlife, we’ve helped many different homeowners, with squirrels and all kinds of animals. If you have a squirrel in your home, you need to get some help from an experienced wildlife removal specialist.

Stay Away

If you find that you do have a squirrel in your home, you should stay away from it. Squirrels can carry rabies, and are known to become erratic when backed into a corner. As soon as you suspect you have a squirrel somewhere in your house, contact an experienced Maryland squirrel removal expert.

Squirrels Come in Through the Attic

While squirrels can enter your home from anywhere, more often than not they enter the home through the attic. Have you been hearing noises come from your attic? If so, you could have some squirrels up there. Squirrels will tear into your dry-wall, scratch your walls, and will eat through your wires, all of which are hazards.

Why Do Squirrels Enter Homes?

There are lots of reasons why squirrels will enter your home. Sometimes they’re looking for food, sometimes warmth, but most of the time they’re looking for shelter. As human population numbers continue to grow, more and more housing is needed, which means more and more of our forests are being cut down. This deforestation forces squirrels, and other animals, to seek shelter elsewhere, often in our homes.

Get Help From a Professional Wildlife Specialist

At K.P. Wildlife, we’ve removed hundreds of squirrels and other animals, and can help you too. Whether you’re just hearing some noises, or have already seen a squirrel, our team will be able to help you take back ownership of your home. Give us a call today to set up a day for a member of our team to come by your home.