Maryland Wildlife Pests to Look Out For This Summer

While summertime and warmer weather has people spending more time outdoors, it also means we’ll be seeing more wildlife out and about. Some of these animals are fun to watch from afar, but they can also become a nuisance if their habits cause damage to your home or property. Let’s take a look at some of the not-so-friendly pests and wildlife that may require a call to your Maryland wildlife removal expert this summer:

squirrel removal wildlife removal

Squirrels: The Summer Daytime Pests

Though it can be an enjoyable experience to watch squirrels running about your yard and gathering nuts, they’re one of the most common nuisance-causing wildlife species in Queen Anne’s County. Once they make their way into your home via the attic or siding, they often go to great lengths to establish their own nesting space. This can mean chewed wiring, destroyed insulation, and other damage that can cause a significant hazard for you and your family.

Additionally, squirrels can cause their fair share of destruction to your outdoor plants. Whether you’re just beginning a new garden or you’re making efforts to get your plants back to good health after the winter, these pests are capable of making your gardening efforts much more difficult. If you begin to notice squirrels attempting to invade your home or infiltrate your garden, it’s essential to reach out to a Queen Anne’s County squirrel removal company as soon as possible to get rid of them before further damage is done.

Bats: The Summer Nighttime Pests

Not typically active during the daytime, bats love to venture out on summer nights to seek food. Their prey often consists of bugs like the mosquitoes and moths that are commonly found near residential homes. While this might sound like a benefit to homeowners in Queen Anne’s County, since bugs are often their own kind of nuisance, bats can be very dangerous creatures. Known for carrying harmful diseases like rabies, bats can be a threat to your pets when they are outdoors at night.

They can also threaten the health of you and your family if they happen to make their way into your attic. Bat urine and droppings alone can create an unhealthy and unsanitary environment in your home, so if you believe these creatures are getting a bit too close for comfort, you can get help from your local wildlife removal expert to keep your home, family, and pets protected against damage and health concerns.

Get Expert Wildlife Removal Services for Summertime Pests

Whether you’re in Centreville, Millington, Queenstown, or other area of Queen Anne’s County and need professional squirrel removal or bat removal services to protect your property and loved ones, you can count on K.P. Wildlife Control. We provide safe and humane wildlife removal services and will ensure that the animal is removed, the damages are repaired, the area is deodorized, and the proper precautions are taken to ensure new animals won’t move in. Contact us today to learn more.