Removing Birds from Vents

Have you been noticing birds flying in and out of vents in your home? Been hearing any noises? Birds commonly make their nests in people’s houses, a phenomenon that is only going to grow as more and more natural habitat is destroyed. At KP Wildlife, we’ve removed a lot of birds from vents and wanted to talk about the process some today.

The Dangers of Allowing Birds to Nest in Your Home

You may not think of birds nesting in your home as being dangerous at first, but they can pose some serious threats. While constructing their nests, birds can tear up your home’s insulation and even get into your wiring. Additionally, birds can carry a wide variety of parasites and diseases, and if they’re in your vents, these pathogens can enter your home’s air supply.

Getting Them Out of Your Vent

Usually, when you have birds in your vent, the adults can be scared or prodded away. Any baby birds and nesting will then need to be removed by hand. It’s imperative that we get all of the birds and nesting out before we reinstall/install the screen cover, as any birds left in there will die and begin to rot, potentially releasing more pathogens into your air.

How to Prevent Them From Getting Back In

Installing screens around all of your vents is the best way to keep birds from entering your home, but there are lots of other ways birds can get into your home. Before we leave, we’ll take a walk around your home, look for any and all potential entry points, and if any are found, we’ll patch them up or screen them in.

Get Help From a Professional Bird Removal Specialist

Whether you’ve just got one bird or an entire flock in your vents, we can help! Our team at KP WIldlife has years of experience removing and excluding birds from both residential and commercial buildings. If you’re having problems with birds, or any other kind of animal, get in contact with us today!