Maryland Insulation Removal/Replacement

Insulation is a hidden, yet vital, part of any home. Without the wondrous energy retention properties of modern insulation, our energy bills would be a lot higher. Insulation typically is located behind the walls, in basements, and in attics, all likely places to discover wild animals. From raccoons, to squirrels, to birds, to opossums, there are a lot of animals that will make your home their home. At K.P. Wildlife Control, we provide insulation removal and replacement services to Edgewater, Crofton, Owings Mills, Lutherville, and all of our service areas.

The Process of Insulation Removal and Replacement

The very first step before any insulation project can begin is an inspection of the site. We’ll take a look at where exactly the insulation is located, how much of it there is, and we’ll look for any signs of wildlife activity. The last thing anyone wants to happen is to have a wild animal lunge out while tearing away at insulation. Usually when this does happen, the animal can become very aggressive, as it feels backed into a corner. This is why it is such an important part of the process to inspect for wild animals before work can begin.


After your house has been inspected, canvas runners will need to be installed to protect your floor. Next, we will remove any fiberglass batts by hand, placing them in large bags to be disposed of. Any loose-fill insulation will need to be sucked out using one of our powerful vacuums and hoses. This loose-fill will be deposited into bags and disposed of as well.

Once we have removed all of your old insulation, it will be time to install some replacement insulation. The entire process of removal and replacement usually lasts less than a day, meaning you will experience only a minimal disruption to your normal routine. You won’t have to worry about any cleanup either, as our team will completely take care of all cleanup.

Why Replace Older Insulation?

Many homeowners tend to put off replacing their insulation, but doing so can actually lead to some additional issues. These are just some of the common problems caused by old insulation:

  • Both loose-fill and batt fiberglass can add dust into the air, which can cause respiratory and health problems for you and your family.
  • As fiberglass insulation ages, it slowly loses its ability to maintain energy, which means it can’t keep your house cool or warm.
  • Fiberglass insulation, especially older insulation found in older homes, is an ideal nesting spot for rodents and insects.


The removal of existing insulation is the only way to completely air-seal your ceilings.

Consult with an Experienced Insulation Specialist in Maryland

Interested in replacing the insulation in your Maryland home? No matter the scope of your insulation project, our team of professional insulation specialists will be able to take care of it for you. At K.P. Wildlife Control, we’ve been providing our services to Hanover, Riva, Parkville, Towson, and most of Maryland for years. If you need some help removing/replacing the insulation in your home, reach out to us at 443.282.5035, or contact us online.