What is Humane Animal Removal?

KP Wildlife is proud to be a humane animal removal company in Maryland and Delaware. Our owner, Kevin Porter, has been helping Marylanders and Delawareans safely remove unwanted wildlife from their properties for years. Our team has extensive, ongoing training in local ordinances, so every time we remove an animal, we’re doing so in compliance with state and federal regulations. Check out what it means to work with a humane animal removal company.


Humane animal removal companies know that wildlife removal is not simply a matter of getting the animal out of your home. It also entails finding a new, safe location for the animal to live. When relocating animals, we account for things like: 

  • Mothers and babies being kept together
  • Best ecological placement
  • Minimizing stress/harm to the animal
  • Avoiding locations with toxic chemicals and/or extermination methods

We carefully consider where to relocate the animal to ensure that humans and animals remain safe.


Ethical Capture and Relocation

It may seem easy to capture an animal and release it away from your home, but the more humane way of capturing and relocating wildlife is finding an area for the animal that has food, shelter, and places for the animal to roam safely without affecting humans. Finding that perfect location for the animal requires knowledge and research that the average person isn’t aware of. A humane animal removal company does extensive research before relocating an animal off the property.


Prevention and Long-Term Solutions

One of the most important aspects of humane animal removal is making sure the animal doesn’t come back. Humane animal removal companies will animal-proof your home to ensure that critters and other types of wildlife do not find their way back into your home. This entails sealing holes and gaps in walls, on the roof, in the chimney, and other entry points. That way, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with wildlife living in your home again.


Work with a Humane Animal Removal Company

Need help removing an animal from your property? Let the animal removal experts at KP Wildlife Control remove it for you! We’ll come to your home quickly to safely and humanely remove unwanted animals so you can go back to having peace of mind. Give us a call now at (443) 282-5035, or click here to request a quote.