Why Do Squirrels Like Living in my Attic?

Encountering squirrels is common in most cities and towns. These clever creatures have found ways to survive in even the most undesirable environments. They’ve found ways to survive in big, concrete cities such as Baltimore, all the way to more rural Maryland towns such as Friendsville. Unfortunately, this means your home can be an inviting escape for squirrels. Attics, in particular, are where invasive pests like squirrels are frequently found in residential homes, due to the isolated, dark, and warm nature of the space.

squirrels in attic


They’re Highly Adaptive

Squirrels can adapt to virtually any environment. Just because there aren’t any trees around doesn’t mean they can’t thrive in that area. Squirrels can chew through materials such as wood, aluminum, and shingles. They also are great climbers. All of these things combined make it easy for them to enter your home.


What Attracts Them?

Like most wildlife, food is the number one thing that attracts squirrels to your house. Food doesn’t even have to be present inside of the home, either. Berries, fruits, and nuts that grow outside of your house can attract squirrels to your home. After initially being attracted to your yard, they can find ways to make their way into the interior of your house. This can be especially true during the colder months. Once inside, they can set up nests in parts of your home that you rarely use, like your attic, as they are often skittish around people.


They Cause a Lot of Problems

Once a squirrel has entered your home, they can wreak havoc in a number of ways. They can gnaw and chew on materials in your house, including electrical wires. A compromised electrical wire is a fire hazard and can put your family in danger. In addition to chewing on objects, they also produce droppings that carry diseases and can infect you or other inhabitants of the home. Another common issue that arises with squirrels inhabiting residential homes is the constant scratching sounds they make. This can become especially irritating at night when you and your family are trying to sleep.


How to Get Rid of Them

The safest and most efficient way to have squirrels removed from your home is to contact an expert Maryland wildlife removal company. There are multiple ways that this animal can be trapped, but a trained professional will be able to provide an efficient solution for your individual case and will know how to properly trap and remove squirrels without jeopardizing anyone’s safety.


Need to Have a Squirrel Removed?

K.P. Wildlife can help you get rid of squirrels in your home once and for all. Our team members go through extensive training to ensure that they get the job done right –  the first time. Don’t let squirrels continue to be a nuisance your home,  and call or contact us today to have them permanently and humanely removed.