Wilmington, Delaware Squirrel Removal

Have you been hearing noises in your attic or somewhere else in your home? Have you actually seen the animals? Whether you suspect or know if you have squirrels, or any other animals, living in your home, you need some help from an experienced animal removal company in Delaware. At KP Wildlife Control, we’ve been providing homeowners in Wilmington with our wildlife removal/exclusion services for many years and wanted to talk today specifically about squirrels.

Signs a Squirrel is in Your Home

If you have squirrels living in your house, over time, they’re going to show some signs. You will likely hear scratching or pattering noises, as squirrels are active animals and move around a lot. You may also notice some damage around your home, things like scratch marks or holes on your home’s exterior. If you notice signs of squirrels living in your home, you need to get into contact with an experienced Wilmington, DE squirrel removal specialist.

Steer Clear and Don’t Panic

Having a wild animal in your home can be scary, but we urge you not to panic. If you panic and begin to act erratically, the wild animal may behave the same way. Squirrels can carry rabies, and have been known to attack people when backed into a corner. Stay away from the animals, and instead get some help from a Delaware animal removal company.

Get Your Problem Taken Care of Fast

We recommend you seek assistance as soon as you begin to suspect you have squirrels in your house. Squirrels will scratch and chew through your home, and can cause devastating damage. They will chew through your walls and will chew through wires, creating an extreme fire hazard. This is not a problem you want to let simmer.

Work with an Experienced Wilmington, DE Wildlife Removal Company

If you suspect you have a squirrel living somewhere in your house, get some help from a professional. At KP Wildlife Control we take a lot of pride in the work we do, and love helping our customers. Get into contact with us today to learn how you can benefit from both our removal and exclusionary services.