How Raccoons Can Damage Your Property

Raccoons aren’t just dangerous to your health, they’re also dangerous for your property. These mischievous creatures can get into your home from a small opening and wreak havoc. Take a look at some of the types of damage that a raccoon can cause, and find out how you can get rid of these pesky critters. 

Holes in the Walls 

Raccoons have sharp claws and sharp teeth. They use them to chew and breakthrough various types of material. Your walls are something that raccoons are able to break through using their claws. Even though they’re known to be able to twist handles and doorknobs, that won’t stop them from clawing through your walls once inside your property. If you’ve noticed a new hole in your wall, it may be because you’re harboring a raccoon.

Insulation Damage

We all know how important your home’s insulation is. It keeps your house warm during the winter and coo, during the summer. For raccoons, it serves as a floor to walk on. Raccoons can enter your property, trample across your insulation, and use it to set up their nest. All of the damage caused to your insulation can cost you thousands of dollars in increased heating and cooling bills. 

Urine and Feces Damage

Raccoons can and will use your unused spaces as their personal litter box. Not only is their urine and feces around your home unsanitary, but it’s also quite dangerous. A single raccoon can produce enough urine and feces to evoke significant health problems, especially for young children. Their feces and urine can contain: 

  • Baylisascaris 
  • Salmonella
  • E. Coli
  • Leptospirosis 

HVAC Damage

Sometimes these creatures can enter into your HVAC system. Once inside, they can tear apart your air ducts, impact your air quality, and make a lot of noise. The most obvious danger to having a raccoon running around your HVAC system is affecting your air quality. They can produce urine and feces inside your ducts and have the remnants spread out all over the property/ If raccoons get into your HVAC system, you need to contact a raccoon removal company as soon as possible.

Let us Get Rid of the Raccoons on Your Property

If you’re experiencing damage to your home because of a raccoon, let K.P. Wildlife remove it for you. We’re experts in raccoon removal in Baltimore, MD and we take pride in removing these creatures safely and humanely. Don’t let another minute go by and let raccoons wreak more havoc on your property, call or contact us today to schedule an appointment.