Damages Bats Can Cause to Your Family and Home

Damages Bats Can Cause to Your Family and Home

Bats, often seen as mysterious creatures of the night, are an essential part of our ecosystem. However, when they invade your home, they can pose significant threats to both your family and property. At K.P. Wildlife, we’ve removed more than our fair share of bats and wanted to talk today about some of the damages […]

Attic Insulation Removal and Replacement

Insulation that has been destroyed by wildlife leaves you in a challenging situation. Your insulation is crucial for keeping your home warm and comfortable. If your attic insulation has been destroyed or it’s just time to replace your insulation, look no further than K.P. Wildlife Control. Take a closer look at our MD attic insulation […]

Havoc that Birds in Your Home Can Cause

Birds are helpful for a lot of things around your property, such as eating harmful insects and entertaining you when you need them most. But once they enter your home, they can wreak havoc. In fact, bird-related problems are one of the most common pest issues reported. But how much havoc could these seemingly harmless […]